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We have been servicing these consoles for nearly 30 years and have an incredible amount of UNIQUE INFORMATION about these consoles .

Every fault you can imagine , we have dealt with : why waste time and money trying to figure out why something isnt working ? We can most likely point you straight to the PROBLEM and the FIX :

Its a 2 year subscription for only 40 GBP !!!

(Now includes user manual : not JADE >SOLITAIRE or SEQUEL sorry )



Thank you for your support AND for using Soundtracs products. We have been working with them since 1982 and will be here for another 20 years . We have also decide to provide a free USER PDF manual within the subscription ( NOT Solitaire, Jade + Sequel) I havn't included the circuit diagrams but can SCAN one or two if you really need one .

There are also "Technical bulletins " popular circuit diagrams and Q+A emails, typical faults and solutions AND MOST IMPORTANT if you cant get an answer or solution from the technical pages I will give you "one to one" email support until we have the problem corrected

Just click the BUY NOW button below to get 2 years of Support for just £40.
Outstanding value and all you will need to ensure you have what you need to extend the life of your equipment!

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Blue Dog Power Supplies have now built over 800  !!  of thier   BLUE DOG POWER SUPPLIES that will POWER nearly all small to MEDIUM SIZE analogue mixing consoles :

  Brands include : Amek , Allen & Heath ,EMT, Glensound ,MTA ,MS Audiotron, Soundtracs ,Soundcraft ,Studiomaster ,SSL sidecar ,Tac, Tascam. Toft ATB +Trident ,

 Everyone has been absolutely  delighted with thier performance , enhanced mix headroom , silent running, lightness and very low power consumption .

please email me


Over  the last 7 years these are  just some of the CONSOLES  we have built BLUE DOG PSU ' for   : GHOST , Spririt , 200 , 400 , Broadcast 500 , SC 1600  , Soundcraft 65 , K3 (live)  2400 ,6000  ; The Soundcraft range of PSU s  over the last 40 years is huge   you could write a book on them !!!  , but the BLUE DOGS  have replaced the ageing CPS 150 , 450 , 275 , PSM 1038 , SC1884, SC1218  ; the most complex is the CPS450  , which has SIX  rails !!  this was used on the  2400  console which we have built several off  :

please see our FACEBOOK .com/BlueDogPowerSupplies .OTHER BRANDS : Allen + heath : Sabre , GL2200 , GL2800 , S 2 , ML4000 , System 8 GS3   , Allen + Heath PSUs  were  MPS 9 , RPS9  , 10 , 11 SOUNDTRACS ,  well where do we start , !!!  basically I can (and I have )  BUILD A BLUE DOG   for EVERY  SOUNDTRACS CONSOLE right back to 1984 !!!!  ( Except the JADE !) AMEK :  BC3 ,BC2, Unfortunatly  I havnt been able to get the details on the old consoles like ANGELA , but I know they are PROBABLY more than 7 .5 amps  /rail which is MAXOTHER BLUE DOG BUILDS : GLENSOUND , TWEED,  MSAUDIOTRON (Danish) , DDA  Fmr , TRIDENT 65 ,TRIMIX, ORAM 8T  and Studiomaster The BLUE DOG PSU  3 RAIL  SUPPLIES  START  at  300 GBP inc UK post : (EUROPE +USA post please ask)But please be aware all these consoles above have DIFFERENT  RAIL REQUIREMENTS  and CONNECTORS  , so please be aware , costs DO vary Its a fantastic investment if your going to hang on to your console  for a while longer ;

 Just the ELECTRICITY costs alone , we estimate a 300 GBP BLUE DOG  supply  will "pay for itself " in 3 >4 years with average use


(If you check out  our FACEBOOK BlueDogPowerSupplies, you will find all the latest Blue Dog

 users with some great "user feedback "comments " We have shipped as far as New Zealand ,Japan and

 of course USA  : over 150 Blue Dogs have sold in USA /CANADA : were very proud of that :)



here are some happy customers ' remarks about the performance of the BLUE DOG supplies

BUT   please see our for the latest sales : I  tend to update Facebook more these days

"Hi Tim

 The PSU arrived today and I would just like to say how great it was to be able to fit it into the AMEK with the lead you had made up. Thank you so much! "

 So, after powering it for the first time, first testing one of my mixes through the 2 mono channels in the line in's, the 4 band eq blew me away, the mix bus/headphone output is so clean from noise its incredible, and the headroom on this thing is immense (welcome back to proper analogue mixing, Rich! )I'm gutted that I never heard the old power supply to compare the difference.- no, scratch that, Who cares, I'm happy :-)


and Marc bought a BLUE dog for his SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT :


Hi Tim,

Well, I had no luck fitting a molex on the cable from the original PS- too much of a hassle, so not able to do an A/B comparison, but here are my thoughts on the new PS: in terms of sound, (of course it's all subjective and prone to whatever unconscious background excitement and so on), I feel like I can better distinguish between frequencies.
There's the bass! Not sure how to better articulate, as if the sound spectrum has clearer definition, I read that better current delivery in the Soundcraft Spirits results in better low end response, perhaps that's what is going on. In any event, to my ears, it's an improvement. In concrete terms, the new PS has eliminated some anomalous behaviour such as LED level indicators previously much dimmer, at times not even illuminating on the subgroups or masters!
and some channels required gain being driven up at input in order to feed through. None of that is happening now. So I'm happy with my investment and I'd recommend it to other Soundcraft owners.



and DEC2012 Giuseppe from Italy had a BLUE DOG for his Soundtracs SOLO 32

Very light compare to the original!
The only big thing I've noticed up to now is the noise on the master as
Much more air, cleaner sound? It's that possible?
Nice one Tim
Speak u soon

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On 12 Dec 2012, at 09:58, "tim jones2" <> wrote:

From: Giuseppe []
Sent: 12 December 2012 03:26
To: tim jones2
Subject: Re: Blue dog supply for SOUNDTRACS SOLO 32

Hi tim!

The blue dog is here!

Fantastic !!


Not wishing to blow my own trumpet but David Lowe recently has troubles with his PC Midi, we got it all sorted and here is his return email :

Hi Tim,
You were of course absolutely correct, I switched them around and the desk is all working again. Fantastic. I should have realised there was something amiss when there were 4 ribbon cables and 24 channels. 3*8=24, what does the other one do? Anyway all fixed so thanks again and the best £30 I ever spent.

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