Soundtracs consoles

Soundtracs Solo range - 24/8/24 and 32/8/32 ( the SOLO STUDIO dosnt have a meter bridge but the SOLO LOGIC DOES






SOLO LOGIC 24 /8/24

The Solo specs

After the £11,000 (1992) Megas range Soundtracs decided to bring the "front end mic amp" and EQ features of the CP6800

And Soundtracs also produced the "Solo".....sold without either meter bridge or VCA automation in two frame sizes : Solo 32/8/32 and Solo24/8/24. Still with the discrete "front end" of the Megas and classic Soundtracs 4 band EQ of the Megas, MR range and PC Midi, and the six Aux sends (Aux 2 source from monitor input). Yes, they all have the exact (well nearly!) same front end /EQ design features . Includes Midi mutes all round, discrete mic amp front end (Transistors) and loads of warm headroom.

The input stage :

Utilizing the same design principles embodied the high-end Solitare and Jade consoles, the Solo 's balanced input stage delivers low distortion and rock-solid audio stability -all thanks to discrete electronics. It features switchable 48v phantom power, peak indicator which illuminates 5dB below clipping and a mic/line input selector. and the first line trim pot VR 1.

The EQ consists of two fixed and two variable frequencies.

Six Aux sends :

Monitor(Mix B) Controls :

Channel Controls :

Group & Master :

Master Strip :


Let the users do the talking:

Novemeber 2008: Roderick McILwraith, Glasgow

I've attached a lovely photo of my beloved for you to see! Ha Ha! (as if you don't see enough desks on a daily basis! - sorry! Ha Ha!



Happy Solo buyer :

The drive was ok back but i think the wind must have been coming at me or the poor old nissan felt like it was struggling at times . . . the mixers back in studio and all wired in and sounding lovely and no leakage etc whic is very nice ! anyway many thanks again for the great service tim , much appreciate the super easya dn quick and ' local ' service.
best wishes

Hi Tim,

Sorry for the delay replying, I’ve been away for a couple of days. What I like about the Solo Midi consoles……..hmm. They mix well. By this I mean that they blend sounds together rather than pile them on top of each other like some desks do. They’re simple and well built enough to sound good while having a necessary level of technology to make life convenient. Midi mutes on everything is great and the eq sounds nice cutting or boosting, while still being a simple swept design. I’ve used bigger Soundtracs desks in other people’s studios (Quartz and IL) and like the fact the Solo has a similar family sound, while remaining small enough to get through my loft hatch. You are welcome to quote me, but I haven’t a website or a link. I’m just an individual with a hobby these days. I’ll take a picture at some point once I finish rejigging the room.

Sent: 08 February 2007 11:32
To: John Stadius
Subject: Soundtracs Solo Midi Production Console

Dear Mr.Stadius, (top designer at Soundtracs)

I am a soundengineer in Holland. I recently bought a Soundtracs Solo Midi produktion console, 32 channel in-line.
Please, is there any possibility you can send me by Post or by E-mail the Manual of this beautiful sounding console ???
I hope to Hear from you,
Kindest Regards,
Renè Berkouwer
The Netherlands

say no more ..........

Solo "users" include Marius De Vries : "Who is he?" you might ask ....well he did the score for Moulin Rouge, and works with Madonna and Bjork and Neil Finn...mmmm

"very musical eq" says Blue Weaver, producer of the early BeeGees and Pet Shop Boys stuff used to rave on about his Solo 32.
And a glowing testimonial from a recent happy customer.

Grey - writes:

.......... and picked up the desk, it just fitted in my car thankfully. The desk is all plumbed in now, I'm very happy with it indeed - it sounds really good. I was a bit afraid there wouldn't be much differance in the sound from my GS1 - I was wrong - everything I put through it sounds better, noise levels very low in comparison and the EQ is fantastic. Cheers

Bit of gossip from the Forums !!! - Click Here

Another HAPPY SOLO LIVE (same EQ ) user in USA

Hi Tim,
as promised, I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to to swap the jumpers for both AUX 3+4 and 5+6 from post to pre fader on our Soundtracs Solo (non-studio version).
Regards from Hamburg,

July 07: Sold a SOLO LOGIC 32 to Dennis in France ,, he trusted me that it would the right choice of desk after he used a Mackie 24 /4 for years .. he had some issues with the "operating levels" :

Hi Tim,
I've been working on my new tool again :-)

ME : Great

And I found some answers to my questions with a reference CD.
Areference 1kHz tone @ -15dBFS on the CD player showed exact 0VU on the console, as expected.


So the -10dBV CD output perfectly matches the -10dBV 2-track input, and the console's metering seems accurate (powerful CDs turn the metering to red, but without distortion, it's OK).

That's a good point.

But the "overload" problem may remain with the multi-track : I cannot change its I/O to -10dBV.
I need to do more tests tocalibrate levels between the multi-track's I/O and the console's tape in/tape out/group outputs...

ME : Yes, like I say if you are sending +4 to the TAPE INPUTS and they are internally set at -10dB , you will have a huge +14 db overload

If ever I need to do it, I'm not afraid to open the desk, though I know it's a delicate operation.
I just might need some tips&tricks from you. We'll talk about that later...

ME : Yes ok . it’s a USER option according to the manual , but there are a lot of electronics inside to “go wrong” !!! be very careful

I played againwith the EQ, the two sweepable mids are pretty cool. I would call it a very pleasant "smooth" EQ.
Iam still very happy with my Solo Logic purchase. Thanks to you.

ME : That’s great Dennis ,, it all tells me something I must be doing right !!

About my former equipment : I had a 24 channel Mackie (no laugh please) for about ten years (rock-solid), not the8-bus inline model, but a simpler 4-bus sound reinforcement model (SR 24.4).

ME : Oh yes I know them

Preamps/EQ/summing arelo-fi, but it's OK for the beginning amateur.
Year after year Iupgraded my microphones, outboard (including external mic preamps) and recorders, and the Mackie then turned to be the weakest point in the signal chain.
With the Soundtracs I feel that I now have a consistent ensemble :-)

ME : I love to hear these stories ,,!!!!, after TEN years of the Mackie you must really know "your sound"

I will keep you informed of my further investigations.

ME :Yes its all good stuff for the web site ..thank you ..

Denis. Megas into a smaller format non modular console and released the SOLO range. There was the "Solo Logic": VCA automation on the faders, NOT a P.C mouse driven system but actual fader driven VCAs. I think the only desk in this price range to offer this feature +SMPTE/MTC lock and Midi Mutes of course. The Logic comes with meter bridge too.

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