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( APRIL 2014 : just sold a SOLITAIRE to Marcus Byrne who has been /is the MD /keyboard player for Garry Barlow, Kylie Minogue ,The Saturdays , Annie Lenox ,Cheryl Cole Mika and loads of others , I'll be getting some pics on FACEBOOK soon

please see .





"Equipped with highly developed assignable dual inputs on every module, each

with mute automation and EQ along with fader automation plus dynamics

processing on the main's the most sophisticated console in its class !!!

You'll find Soundtrac's unique, patented and highly acclaimed FdB Parametric

Equaliser which provides... oh stop it... I cant go on, lets just say its punchy as

**** !"

OK, the TECH stuff:

Below the channel EQ is the flexible monitor EQ _2 band shelving filters. In addition, the mid filters from the channel EQ can be switched into the monitor section or the entire channel can be flipped providing the full EQ on the monitor, and a nice little proper fader too !

Channel Controls

change metering from monitor/group to channel,flip from record to mix mode , swap the pahse of incoming signals ,route to multitrack . Solo and auto mute . Optional motorised faders (very rare actually,cos they used to stick 2 grand on the price !!!)


Tape ins/outs are BALANCED and internally selectable between +4dBu and -10dBu

Mater Module


Integrated Patch Bay

Integrated patch bay allows a really flexible option on all ins/outs/inserts /2 tracks /tie lines : ALL connections available on 56 way MALE EDACS (wired 16 /edac) and mic ' inputs on XLR


Conclusion.....well for the sort of money these desks go for youd be mad to buy anything else. (if you can even get one !!!)

Here is an original Sales brochure: Click to enlarge

Photos of the 32 Version:

Every Solitaire user Ive known over the last 15 years has raved about the Punchy - EQ and features of this once- 25 grand console

FEB 2008: Sold a lovely little Solitaire 24 with patch bay to Mark Lord down in Kent. He does private production work and is very well respected. I took the desk down, stayed the night and got the beast all wired in next day. Here is his feedback:

Hi Tim,

Good to hear from you, hope you're all keeping well. Will be coming down to Cornwall in a week or so on our hols...

The Solitaire 24 you installed for me earlier this year is... well... FAT & FAB just about sums it up. Having been analogue, then digital and then 'in the box' during my career as a producer/mixer I can safely say I am a convert to the Digital/Analogue combo I now have. Everything's is still recorded and mixed primarily inside Logic - I can't afford 8x LA2As 4x 1176's and a bunch of 'real' Pultec EQ's yet; but then I buss everything into the Solitaire, drums, bass. guitars, keys, vox, fx returns etc. The difference is like night and day. What's really weird is how it sounds different varying the bus levels via the desk than it does doing it in Logic. I suppose that's the whole point - it's the analogue summing that really makes the difference. It's also useful to be able to put some compression and eq on the main LR insert - like my TLA EQ1/C1 combination - to help judge how the mix will sound when it's mastered - and for Indie stuff the C1 really helps glue it all back together. It really helps when I'm doing a dance remix too. I'll sometimes bring an extra kick or bass output to the desk on a separate out from the computer, then EQ it on the desk and add a little in. Boy o boy, that's desk eq is FAT!!! The other comments I've read about this desk having a FAT bottom end are definitely right. It really adds that certain something down low in the dance stuff I do. Used it for my first full on tracking session the other day as well, and as you promised the Mic pre's are gorgeous; and the desk was a great help in setting up 2 different foldback mixes and keeping everyone happy with 'their' sound - much easier than mucking around inside the 'box'. So all in all delighted - might have to get a bigger one 1 day - if we can get it up the stairs!!

August 07: We sold a 32 Solitaire to Rob Granville in Dorking, we had some fun getting it up the stairs !!! but here she is in all her glory , he absolutely loves it.

Please check him out at Rob's studio

Heres some good positive comments about the Solitaire from Future Producers: (a couple of grumpy comments from some digi-desk users but thats probably cos theyre jealous !!)

Previous satisfied Solitaire users include:

Tim in Stafford who is running a commercial studios and is having some real success with local bands

I think Jeff Guilford at Mean Street Studios is the man who has delved deepest into the Solitaire automation capabilities and he's happy to chat to anyone about how great they are.

... and of course on the cutting edge of groove is Aston FREESTYLERS Harvey "punchy as **** " was one remark he made!!-

Eric's Solitaire Hmm... I wouldnt mind staying there for a few days. Eric absolutely loves the EQ

Also I sold Planet City in Blackburn a SOLITAIRE 32 (MIDI mute version) 2 years ago and I just called Nathan to see if everything is ok. All is well and he absolutley loves it to bits, they have a great web site

Frank in Tuscanny (with olive trees and vines all around) Franks Place - of course there is Terry and Jon Miles at Woodside Studios - and then there is Tim Smith from the Cardiacs -and not forgetting SAE in Glasgow and Dutch Patrick in... Holland!

And then theres Steve over in Roundwood who sent this email...

Hi Tim,

Good to hear from you. There are shots on my web site Steve's Room with a View studios Please feel free to use these. As a promotional note for the desk Sandi Thom's "I wish I was a punk rocker" was recorded and mixed on this console last year. {It was a number one here and Australia}

Best Regards Steve.

September 2008: I sold a SOLITAIRE 32 to Gordon Bond in Maidstone, Kent. He warned me that he lived in a Tudor cottage and the access to the attic studio was ,,,,,,,,, er .... tight !!

Anyway there were four of us to shift the 140kg desk up the stairs. We huffed and we puffed but no way was she going through (there was a 90° turn at the top of the very small stairs) so we bought it down, took the modules out and tried again. No way... so down again and I had to take the meter bridge off as well. Still wouldnt go. In the end we took a brick hammer to the doorway and removed a section of roof and she went in. What a night that was! Anyway, all installed and it looks fabulous...

Can you get a Solitaire 32 with patchbay up there?

Nope !!

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