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Soundtracs Quartz 32/48

  Soundtracs 4 band swept EQ ,superb mic amp , midi mutes looks the DBs! Comes in Quartz 32 and 48 frame integral bantam patch bay and legs (removeable)

A 1991 modular " in line" console, with four band fully swept eq, 2 inputs/ channel (giving 96 inputs) midi mutes, rev/mix/group switches,(any channel can become a group) 6 Aux sends, two C. Room feeds, Studio Feed, Talkback and built in patch bay. EDACS on back for access to all mic and line inputs. Up to 96 tie lines. Integral legs.

These Quartz consoles' were the choice of Gary Numan, Paul Carrack (Mike and The Mechanics), Dry as a bone, Acid Jazz Crew and loads of master quality work came off these desks.

A large 48 input 7ft (2.1m) wide production console sold at £28K in 1991 now selling at £4,500


Rear view : uses 56 way EDAC (wired 16) gives 48 line in. 24 tape send and return, (25>48 ) can come in on Line in or on the 96 tie lines, fully loaded patch bay for 2 tracks ,inserts , just about cover every eventuality

2 Tracks A.B.C and 2 x control room feeds,and 6 aux out , all lovely and balanced

These consoles have a unique sound: Producer Noel Ram (Gotan Project) has the most sophisticated pro-tools set up available and he still uses a Quartz 32 "absolutely vital, for my sound " says Noel

USERS flying the Quartz analogue flag

In 2005 I put one in at Harvey Summers studio in Bexhill:

Hi Tim,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I'm loving the Prism (Quartz) you installed for me last year (2005) Sounds Great! Just finished mixing an album on it which we're getting mastered at Metropolis by Tony Cousins (Peter Gabriel, Mark Knopfler etc) - can't be bad! I'm in love with it anyway!

May 2008: shipped a Quartz 32 in 48 frame to Gert Denmark, here is his email on delivery :

From: Gert Vorre []
Sent: 29 May 2008 16:03
To: tim jones
Subject: Re: RE: RE: Quartz mixer to DENMARK

Hello Tim,
Ms Quartz is now moved to her place. She´s built like a tank. We were three men to move her and it really was a tough job!!!
Now she´s unwrapped... looks just gorgeous and probably she sounds the same. It´ll take some days before everything is up running and then I´ll give you a feedback on the sound.
You have done a great job. It´s very rare to meet someone as dedicated and helpfull as you, and that goes right from our first contact, the solving up of all the cabling stuff and infrastructure to all the shipping logistics in the end. Everything has been taking care of in such a great manner.
It´s really been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you Tim!

April 2008: Sold a Quartz 32 Ian Thompson from White Wolf Recording, here is his Email and a nice pic' back (like the LAVA lamp - spot on !)

Hope all is well Soundtracs land!

I've attached a pic of the old girl. The knobs arrived on Monday, cheers, it looked a bit naff with two of the shafts showing!

Now I have had a chance to really use it in a few different sessions I forgot what a quality desk the Quartz is. The last time I used a Quartz was
8 years ago when I was freelance. I have already had an email and a phone call from two of the bands I have recorded wanting to know how I achieved the warm and solid bass drum and bass guitar sounds. I had to explain it wasn't me, it was just the natural sound of the desk!

Thanks again Tim and I'll keep in touch.

Ian Thompson, White Wolf Recording Studio

Feb 2008: Took a trip over to Belfast to install another Quartz 32 at Ross' RAILWAY studios. He also has outed his MACKIE 8 buss and absolutely loves the QUARTZ replacement. Aferwards he sent this email:

Hey Tim
Here is a Photo of the Legendary Gil Norton (Foofighters/Pixies/Feeder) at the Quartz he loves the analog stuff thought it was a great desk
Hope yr well mate
Cheers, Ross

Hi Tim

Happy New Year to you all and I will indeed keep flying the analogue flag! Just built my own website which I’ll be expanding soon to include my studio kit as well as all my guitars. I’ve recorded all my albums on iTunes via my Quartz – can’t imagine working with anything else!!

All the best

Andy -


And Harvey Summers loves his Quartz 48 in sunny Bexhill on sea :

Harvey at the Quartz

Check out Harvey on MySpace - some very cool sounds all produced on his Quartz / Prism

Yep , theyre built to stand a truck crash too:

Hi Steve,
you may not remember me but I'm the guy in Austin TX (Mike Hersh)that has a 48ch Soundtracs/Quartz that WAS putting a 48trk mobile recording studio in a trailer. Not long after studio was completed,the trailer was involved in an accident while in route. No one was hurt thank GOD and even though the trailer was total toast,Quartz console still works which speaks highly of Soundtrac's engineering.Console needs cosmetic help. Where can I buy knobs to put on some of the pots,one of the face plates to a ch strip is bent but circuits,mother board ect. is ok,same with patchbay faceplate. Please can you direct me to where to purchase faceplates as well.
Thanks for your time
Mike Hersh

See the desk in my new truck ... awesome !

In 2008 I went over to Barcelona to do a service on Santis' Quartz 32, we sorted it out pretty quick which gave me a chance to check out the local architecture ... aye , pretty impressive work that Gaudi bloke did.

Imagine the reverb in here!

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