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You've got yourself a Digital Setup and you now need :

MARCH 2013 email from Kris in Norway , he just bought a PC MIDI and reckons the strips are better value than API 512 C !!!


Thanks Tim!

I used the weekend to check the mixer out, and it really seems to be working in every way.

Otherwise everything seems to be running smoothly, and the pops and crackles are diminishing.
I´ve done some comparison with some preamps I have in my lunchbox, the API 512c and Lindell audios new 6x-500, and the results were very interesting. 
The Soundtracs preamps made some of my mics sound fatter, especially some of my capacitors. And the way it distorts is very nice. Harmonic.
Compared the EQ to Lindells PEX-500 as well, and the Lindell was smashed.  
The Lindells are a budget-series, but anyway - I bought the Soundtracs for the price of two Lindell-stripes. 
I´m completely convinced.

The biggest issue I have now is how to incorporate the desk in the best possible way in my digital studio. 
I want to record through the desk, and then mix through it, but good AD/DA converters are expensive, especially the ones that are able to run 24 tracks in/out. 
Do you have any tips or suggestions? I now it is out of your analog desk-field, but I guess most of your customers are having to deal with this problem one way or another. 

Otherwise I´d just like to say thank you for very nice support!
I feel very safe and sound on my mission for better sound and a more musical way to mix.

And by the way, the sellers name was Bjørnar Bakke, but he bought it from a guy in Oslo a few years back. 
I guess it was the oslo-guy who bought it or had it fixed by you. Do you have any idea who that could be? 
Or any name of a studio where the mixer might have been? Long shot, but history is always interesting.

All the best, 


well theres a thing , after all these years (1984)


January 2010: Read a rather interesting post on GEARSLUTZ about how some chaps reckon the PC MIDI has better MIC AMPS and EQ than the £5000 ATB. Well theres a thing,

Just had an email from Mac from Groutfinger records in Didcot, he uses the PC Midi for hi s very busy operation, loads of local musos bands use his place. Loves his PC Midi to bits (mind you Im trying to sell him a Jade right now ! :) Please check out Groutfingerrecords

ALSO : Supplied Tristian O ' Dwyer with a PC Midi 24 ,and here are his thoughts on "The SOUND of the PC MIDI"

Sent: 14 November 2007 14:33
To: tim jones

Hi Tim,

Thought Id just send you some thoughts on the PC Midi (Pictures below).
The best thing about these desks is the construction, it looks and feels like a Pro Console. The real shame in the audio industry these days is that with everyone concentrating resources on digital equipment nobody is manufacturing decent affordable modular consoles.

ME : I guess its just too expensive to recreate

I found the construction of this desk reminiscent of something like a DDA and definitely a step above something like the Soundcraft Ghost, which always felt cheap to me.
I was really blown away by the E.Q on this desk. Perhaps Im imagining things because its been about two years since I did a mix on one but the EQs reminded me of the Amek Einstein, which is, as you know, a fairly serious console.
I dont have much call to use the preamps but I thought Id give them a try. I was surprised to find that they sounded, to my ears at least, every bit as good as some outboard preamps Ive used in the 300 range-and you get 24 with the PC Midi! I found them clear and detailed but with enough character to make them interesting.

That's good input for the web site

Theres still a bit of tweaking to do, I have yet to bring all of the inserts onto the patchbay and intend to start optimising the monitoring set up when I get time.


I have very few criticisms of this desk. The routing is perhaps less intuitive than on a split console and the +48v switches are hidden under the meter bridge. At least the phantom power isnt global-a pet hate of mine!
I was wondering if, in your experience, there is any way of calibrating the meters. Im sure this is a common complaint in analogue/digital hybrid systems but I would really like to try and match the metering to Pro Tools in so far as is possible.

Well have you seen the +4 /-10 option? STEREO JACK + 4 on TIP , -10 on RING?

I bought this mixer to work on some live projects I recorded over the summer. Im a broadcast engineer by trade and while my job has many parallels with my hobby and allows me to work with pro audio and video gear, Ive found that in recent years I have less and less time to work with music. Perhaps there is no connection but Ive found since I installed this desk last weekend Im actually sitting down and writing songs again. Im not claiming that the desk had made me more creative but maybe sub-consciously Im trying to justify owning such a great console by writing music again-who knows.

Well that’s just the sort of stuff that keeps the Analogue flag flying!, I get this kind of feedback all the time ,and you being a broadcast engineer just about puts the icing on the cake for me. Hope you get some good results, love to get a CD one day? Have you got a MySPACE going ??

I've attached a link to my website. Tristans web site

There's a track on the Music page called Dingle Regatta which I mixed on the desk at the weekend. Its a traditional instrumental recorded in a pub. I didn't do anything crazy with it, simply ran the eight channels through the Soundtracs and added some EQ. I applied some limiting to the mix but it hasn't been mastered professionally.

By way of comparison there are two more polished performances- Greenland Whale Fisheries and Jock Stewart also on the page which I mixed on my Alesis rack mixer and had professionally mastered for a demo CD.

I think you'll agree that the mix I spent half an hour on with the Soundtracs is far superior to the mixes I slaved over for hours and had professionally mastered.

I'll continue to add new songs over the coming months, with more controlled production as opposed to live takes. I'm confident that the new tracks will compare favorably to stuff I've mixed on DDAs and Ameks, which you can hear on the "Other Artists" page on the website.

Tristan O' Dwyer
Head of Studio Engineering
Bang Media (London) Ltd

Jan 2007: Just repaired Paul O'Duffys trusty old PC Midi 24 , Hes had this thing turned on for 12 years!!! I Installed it for him ! and this is the only fault he ever had (Bridge Rectifiers blew,for you tech 'folk out there) I cheekily asked him what hes been working on : His reply:

I did Swing Out Sister amongst others - recently I've been working with Amy Winehouse and I'm just finishing off an album with a girl called Amanda Ghost ( who co-wrote that god awful James Blunt record!)
You can find more details here and here.

Knock yourself out...

My Soundtracs rocks (if I plug it in!)

APRIL 2007: Just delivered a lovely old PC MIDI 24 to James in Bradford:

Sent: 18 April 2007 12:33
To: tim jones
Subject: Re: PC Midi to Bradford

Hi Tim,

Great mixer love the sound.
Good to know there are people still into preserving
the quality equipment of yesteryear.
Thanks again.


That’s great James , glad it arrived in one piece !!! Ill paste you onto the web site

Regards Tim

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