Soundtracs consoles

Soundtracs MRX and MR in 24, 32 and 40 channel config all into 8 with 16 tape monitors

These desks blow Mackies away...


...and here' why:

Front end "discrete" 4 transistor input stage, (SD786) as used on the recent Soundtracs Solitare consoles, give loads of warm response with 22db headroom. PC Midi kind of Midi Mute "MR" PC Midi : basically an MRX but an "In Line" format with 2 inputs /strip and Midi mutes, much more compact and a great board for 24 trk monitoring.

Split format console :
If you dont need the midi mutes then go for the same front end and EQ in the following format :

These old Soundtracs boards have a unique sound/solid feel and...they will go on for years to come!

The "MR" and MRX consoles were manufactured between 1988 and 1992: Modular consoles with the classic "British EQ" :

MRX 32

Alps faders and ext' rack 4u power supply... a great choice as a front end console with discrete mic' amps on a PC / Cubase/ Logic system, direct outputs to feed direct into PC cards if required.

Everyone who has an MRX or PC Midi has absolutely loved the mic amp and EQ...

How about this...?

Shaun Lowes twin MRX consoles (64 line inputs) from Prism studios in Stoke

April 08: Just sold an MX32 (live/theatre version- same channels as MRX) to Nico in Berlin. Here is his return email:

Hi Tim,
Btw, the MX sounds great. Especially when you slightly overload the gains, it adds some really nice distortion. Sweet! I'm really happy with it. Now I only need to find out how the group matrix works ;)
All the best,

Just found these guys on Google images. check out thier studio in Philidelphia - ROCK and Roll !"

Please see Markitzeromusic Studios

MRX , classic 4 band EQ , 6 AUXS . 8 groups and 16 tape returns,

March 2008 email:

Hi Tim
Yep the soundtracs is still going well.... love it. i''ve attached a picture of the beast for you, would love a nice big Jade :-) hope alls well with you
Prism Studios

July 06: A chap in Sri Lanka:

Meanwhile I must thank you very much for all your good advice.
The EQ separation is precise and far superior to the D & R that was used earlier.
Thanks again for all your help
Regards -
Brian Vanderwall

mail from "just a guy" in Texas says it all

Sent: 06 December 2000 04:10
Subject: Re: soundtracs 24 mr

i bought the board (MRX 32) used from a chain called Guitar Center in Dallas, Texas. they had it marked at US$1500. i checked the channels with a shure condenser mic into headphones and it blew my mackie away with just that simple test. i thought it might be underpriced so i bought it, not knowing anything about Soundtracs. i am pleased with my purchase, and intend to learn how to use it to track and mix my bands home studio cd project. (if i can ever figure out how to use these DA88s)
thanks again for the info
travis branson
Dallas, Tx USA

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