Soundtracs consoles

THE Soundtracs MEGAS

... as favoured by reggae / dub merchants!


The Megasconsole :




Long term user Ollie Beehive loves his !!

May 07: Marious in Holland got hold of a Megas...

i worked before with a Mackie 24/8 , then a Yamaha O2R V2 , then a TASCAM DM-3200
i make house and soul/hiphop
i found the mackie too dull, the yamaha to metallic and the tascam too clinical (plastic)
do you have experience with a good recording desk with nice preamps and EQ ?
that's why i'm gonna test the soundtracs MEGAS this weekend ! many regards

Yes Ive heard the Megas is favoured by hip-hop/reggae producers, I know Carl from Stingray in NW London has had his for years; loves it.
Let me know how you get on
Best Regards

hello Tim,
i tested the soundtracs megas 24 today and it sound absolutely warm and full, deep bass
i love it
it's a bit old but i don't care
i'm selling my tascam DM-3200 now on ebay!

The MEGAS desks have been covetted by REGGAE / DUB producers. Long time user CARL from STINGRAY records wouldnt use anything else, he bought his MEGAS brand new around 18 years ago and he still uses it now! Please see Carl's MySpace.

Ive sold TWO to studios in JAMAICA in the past and in June 2008. I personally took a real beauty 40 input over to ARNO who lives just outside Amsterdam, he is the biggest dub producer in Netherlands.

Here he is. This guy is seriously into Dub...


Has just had a great write up in the French Dub Mag Natty Dread (Bob Marleys first album wasnt it?)

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