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Mix yourself back to the Eighties!!


The Soundtracs CP6800 and CMX from 1984...

A truly magnificent beast from the mid eighties. Lovely warm mic amps / 4 band swept hi /lo + Q switch EQ . Six auxs, plenty of features on the master section. 30 patch digi-routing system. Correlation meter. All have built in patch bay and removable legs.

CP6800 above and a pic of the CMX below , Very similar consoles: The CMX just has the SMPTE lock software taken out ( it never really worked :I used to spend hours doing a mix and then think "mmm wheres the hi hats gone?" and the nice LED meters of course - I have stock of these BTW.

The Soundtracs CP6800 from 1988...

A large 7ft, 32/12/24 console with Bantam Patch Bay.

I can remember plumbing one of these beasts in for Eric Stewart (10CC) back in '88. Other famous users were Russ Ballad from Argent, Heatwave and a host of home producers from that era.

The CP6800s' are pretty rare now, I don't know where they have ended up? (these devils used to sell for the price of a three bed semi- in Luton back in 1987...and I should know)

32/12/24 and 40 /12/24 versions with full bantam patch bay, 6 Aux, large 6-7 ft wide production console...if you've got a large control room and you want a classic looking board for the band to have something to lean on - this is it. They sound wonderful - Classic "British EQ" - Hi and Lo switched shelf and two Mid Sweeps and 6 Aux across 4 buss, 12 groups / 24 monitors with 2 band EQ on 13>24 monitors, 2 x C,Room feeds and 4 x 2trk ret' with all EDACS on the back.

Customers CP

Glowing testimonies from CP owners...

Steve M from the States loves his CP6800

"I love the warmth of the pre's and the EQ. This is what the customers are looking for. They do minimal tracking abut maximize the digital automated signal through the analogue console to 2 tk for the warmth. A lot cheaper and better then the crap they sell for 1000's per 2 channel comming out of China with 1 or more 12AX7's or eqivalents...
It amazes me how the analogue equipment has resurfaced with such zest in the US due to the digital sterility and off the shelf processors available. People want that retro warm British sound in their recordings like never before.
Steven M.

All that gubbins in the centre console was an SMPTE auto system to hook patch changes up to tape (yes remember tape!!). It was based on the old Commodore 64. I dont include the outboard sync computer... would you guarantee a 15 yr old computer?

So assume it just has the on board local mute /route system. What your buying is a great sounding 56 input console with full patchbay and something to sleep under when the wife and baby are driving you nuts!

Email July 2006:

Original message:

Hi Tim,

Martin Sterken (the Netherlands) sold his CP6800 to me, he still has the CM4400 but due to lack of space he was forced to say "good BUY" to the CP. So i became the lucky one. Transporting was a lot of work, not mentioning it was the hottest day of the year, "bunch of lunatics" is the phrase my friends and i heard often that memorable day. The desk is now in place and working fine except for two or three minor things i will fix soon.


For years i've been stuck with digital processing and it just didn't sound right, to cold and to sharp. The CP sounds realy great, now i can fix all problems in an instant and get a rich and bright sound. This console will stay in my (home) studio.


So what brings me to write you an e-mail; well i need some extra cables, For the three tape connectors EDAC to 25-pin D-sub, and for the effect sends and returns EDAC to something, 25-pin D-sub would be handy but is not a must

Feb 2006: I had to put this priceless Email in from "G.L" in New York

Hey Tim,

I'm really interested in that CP6800. Is it still for sale? Whats the price in USD amount? How much would shipping be? How does this unit stack up against the IL36? I've been using the 16:8:16 for a couple years. I like the dark/cloudy sound it has. The EQ's are real thick and punchy too. But I need more EQ options, aux's, and just overall more channels so the CP/IL are in my scope. I plan to stay using Soundtracs products so any help towards deciding which board is best for me is greatly appreciated. I mix Hip-Hop, Jungle, Jazz. Not the current pop shit though, i'm into the early 90's sound.. as far as Jazz goes i'm into the late 60's sound.

Peace & Bless,

GL_ a/k/a Geist Livin' of Respect Due

August 08: on the CP6800 from Australia - Darek was in touch about getting some repairs done , he lives for his CP, see his Myspace: Dareks Aus Studio

More satisfied clients :

Hi Tim
Just calling in to say, hello and thanks.
Since October last year when I bought the mixer from you, I thank you for the expert assistance you have given both when installing, and in any follow up info I have needed.
I keep promising to send some photos of the studio and I will one day, but things are so busy since last October. Everyone seems to want to either see the studio, or record here once they hear about the warmth of the sound, and once in they won’t go away!
Here’s a good one, I have a girl comes here from Jamaica to overdub vocals! Well at least when she visits her home in Manchester.
We also have students from Manchester University coming for work experience with an analogue mixer, and dare I say, some don’t want to go back to solely digital.
Many thanks again to Tim; the studio would not be the same without your assistance, and the excellent equipment you service.
Keep the analogue flag flying.
Kind Regards
David Searle

And heres what Gavin the previous customer was doing with it for the last 8 years (I sold it to him in 1999)

Hi Tim,

I don't know if you remember me, I bought a Soundtracs CMX 32:16 from you some years back, and I must say I've done pretty well with it!
I produced a no.1 with Nizlopi (JCB song) and album, have done albums with Editors, The Rakes, Eels, Ryan Adams, Terris, Scott Matthews, Terry Hall, The Twang (currently radio 1 single of the week) and many others,
but the time has come to retire the old girl, as I have moved into new premises with different space requirements. (you know how big it is!)
I wondered if you would be interested in buying it? or maybe servicing it to sell for me, possibly doing it up a bit and deducting your costs when you sell it on?
It still mostly works very well, there are a few dusty pots and switches, and the same channel 32 is still knackered as it was when i bought it, I haven't checked recently, but most of the other channels are fine (I only ever used the first 16)
I've replaced the main stereo fader and the talback button, and a couple of the channel faders, but it basically needs a good service and a cleanup and it will be fine.
All the EDACS are present, and I have a couple of bantam to jack looms in varying states of repair. Plus about 30 patch leads.

Let me know, someone would have to come and get it (and load it downstairs) as I don't drive, and my back is buggered. It has to go soon, as I'm running out of walls to lean it against. And I thought of you first.

PS I also would like to buy that black 19"rack for 100 quid if youve still got it.
Gavin Monaghan

More CP6800 Users E mails : Cp6800 was for sale....until I comparised the sound of the Sony DMXR100 and Yamaha O2r96 with the customers weren't satificed about the sound at all...and I can asure you that I tried to get the most out of the digital desks...pfeww...The difference was so huge, that I've decided to keep the CP...although it's big, hasn't got total recall and is quit old...the sound is far better than the digital has more "character"

Martin Sterken
The Netherlands

Another E mail from Francesco who records EXTREME metal in peaceful tranquil Tuscanny for goodness sake !! He bought a CP6800 this year (06) and I went out to give it a service and blessing and this is his Email after I got home :

-----Original Message-----
Sent: 23 February 2006 09:11

hi Tim,

how are things ? how went the travel?
Yeh , got back ok thanks ,it was absolutely pouring down with rain in Rome, but I had a look around , full of old buildings !!!
yesterday i started it's another world!!!!!!!! it has a big sound and the preamps are wonderfull.

francesco riganelli

That’s fantastic Ill put that on the web site

Regards Tim

May 2006: Interesting Email form Holland asking about the Soundtracs CP6800:

Hi,I found your email-adres on the Internet.


As far as I can deduce in the last twenty two years of dealing with mixing consoles. The CP6800 4 band, hi and lo shelf, 2 mid sweeps EQ will pretty much do anything you want it to do; its a good all round EQ /mic amp design, virtually identical to Soundcraft 600 > 6000, Allen + Heath - Sabre, Trident series 70, Tac matchless, Scorpion and AMEK Einstein - all these British manufacturers copied /used each other in the mid eighties, with this so called “BRITISH EQ“ because it was an an optimum design which worked perfectly for music FREQUENCY EQUALISING. Why would you want anything else, remember we’re talking “making good music sound even better “

.....I really appreciate your input on this, Tim. Thanks again.

No worries ... this is my job

Good Luck, Tim

Feb 2007: Went over to Sweden last year to service a poor- negleted SOUNDTRACS CP6800 , the guys using it were THE big Swedish Country Band in the country (its a big scene over there) and the CP was a perfect partner to bring out those wondeful steel guitar sounds !!!! You should see that guy (Tommy at back) play - absolute magic.

This is me in centre with Haken the bass player on the right...

Return E mail

Nice to hear from you. The desk is still working. You did a great job and we appreciate all the help you gave us.

You can find our web site on

Best Tommy

Good Luck with all that good old country music ! everytime I hear a steel player I think of you !


And dont forget long time CP user Chris Barton he also did a lovely leather job on his armrest !

October 2007: repaired WALTERS CMX cpu module (from Norway)

From: Walter Bäcklin []
Sent: 01 October 2007 20:51
To: tim jones
Cc: Walter Bäcklin
Subject: CP6800

I just wanted to tell you that my CP6800 is working perfectly thanks to you. The routing has never worked this well as long as I have had the console.


Walter Bäcklin

My Reply :

That’s brilliant Walter , I was worried maybe the AIRPORT X ray machine might REBLOW the EPROM !!

Another CMX prepares for the car wash!

Trish includes all consoles in her daily house work routine (orders from the top!)


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