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CM4400 what's it all about ??


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Back in the mid eighties Soundtracs decided to get into the "large format " mixing console market . Large desks were an 'arm and a leg' in those days, so Soundtracs came in with"affordable quality !" bring forth the CM4400 : it was only 18 grand !!!

(I think I paid less for my 3 bed 1930's ""semi in Luton at the time - now worth 180 grand)

The desks didn't appreciate in value quite the same but they are still rolling along very nicely and still being used (see Feb Email) This desk is a very interesting console as far as EQ goes . It has this ODD, quirky EQ, Its a classic "British" four band (2 mid sweeps) but the actual EQ design was one of those EUREKA moments , to be honest Jon Stadius was really just playing around with designs and hit upon this design : they sold over 200 desks ! Producers and Pop stars and rich blokes all piled in on this sub 20 grand desk which at the time was really groundbreaking .

Ask anyone who owned CM4400 about its unique EQ. Steve Rodway (Motiv8) found his way into the charts with a CM4400 as did Future Sound of London (Papua New Guinea). Radiohead also did their first sessions on Chris Huffreds CM4400.

It really was a classic console which included a 300 hole bantam patch bay, with an armrest to put your mug of tea on !

Don't worry, although these fella's are up to 25 years old they have the STUDIO SYSTEMS treatment and are fully serviced and guaranteed.

Steve Morse from Deep Purple still has one of these old beauties, check out his web site - apparently he did all his last album on this console

Luke Fletcher uses a CM4400 - seen in June 07 Sound on Sound

Email about the CM4400 from Alan Evans in the State:

thanks so much for the quick response! i've actually been emailing back and forth with steve magalinick about this console. i really appreciate you guys taking the time out of your busy schedules to help me with this decision. i don't know why i thought the back panel of the console would be any different than anything else I'm accustomed to but your response made a lot of sense to me. all i know about the console is that the cat who has it now had a small jazz label in ct. but he now lives in brooklyn. not sure if he's the first owner or not but i am meeting with him next week or so.

one other issue that steve helped me out with was the understanding of the consoles computer. i had one engineer friend say that if the computer went the whole console was dead.

TIM: Well the patch system would die , but there is a BYPASS slider switch actually on the Z80 processor board , slide this and all channels and tape monitors 17>24 will route to mix ….

my understanding now is that the computer was just for automation and is not an integral component in it's operation (still waiting to hear back from steve to confirm this). if it's like any of the 80's SSL's i've used, the console can function without the computer. i really do appreciate your help. I'mreally getting excited about making this console work. i hope to hear back from you. hope all is well.

TIM : Yeh , go for it it’s a classic bit of kit , check out the power supply and replace anything that looks like its been on gas mark 6 for the Last 20 years !! , seriously its always worth replacing ALL the caps in the supply , and bridges , regualator ICs shuld be ok , just tighten them up

March 2007: Email from a Scottish magician with new body splicing act :

I hope you remember me, I am from Edinburgh and I bought a 4400 from you a few years back.
Thing is, I have moved to a smaller place and I was wondering if it is possible to reduce this girl in size ( half) , I cant part with her entirely as I love the sound to much ( I like noise ) my o3d sounds rubbish next to it.
I am an electronic engineer to trade but I am not sure iff all I need to do is 'feed' the channels with a signal and power (roughly speaking of course). Meters dont matter.
I simply want to cut the girl in half, gently and carefully of course.
I love her... , there I,ve said it...
Any help appreciated.
michael fascia

That’s a truly heart rending story , though Im not sure about “The noise" sure the psu is ok ?
Yes, chop away, you'll find the whole thing is bolted together anyway. in “boxes/modules” of ten, so if you dispense with the meter bridge you could have it any size you like, I would keep the "master" box (for power cable entry ) and the one to the left although all the rear panels come off anyway so you could cut her ( sob !!! ) anywhere really ), It might be wise to trim the main RIBBON as well to length in case it picks up noise .]
Good luck man and please send me a pic of the result ( but mop up the blood first eh !!!)
Best Regards tim

February 2007: E mail from Holland :From: JB Meijers

The desk sounds awesome. Quiet and almost silky!

TIM: That’s what I like to hear!


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