Used Analogue Consoles For Sale (also see )



We have a huge database of Soundtracs users compiled over the past 28 years from where we can SOURCE the right console for you.

Soundtracs Analogue Consoles :

  • Jade 32 (2m) and Jade 48 (2.6m)
  • Solitaire 32 (2m ) and 40 (2.3m)
  • In Line 36 (2m )and 48 (2.6m)
  • Quartz 32 (2m) and 48 (2.3m)
  • MEGAS 32 , 40 ,
  • CP6800 32 (2.3m)
  • MRX , PC Midi and CM4400

Soundtracs were manufacturing analogue consoles from 1983 > 1996. It is now 27 years since these consoles were first on the market and it is very difficult to fix a price on what they are worth today. I could tell you that the JADE 48 was selling for 42 K + in 1992 , but what is it worth today ? "Worth what someone is prepared to pay", is a cliche but it seems to be true .

You might see Soundtracs Analogue consoles appearing on Ebay or in SOS and this may indicate a current "market price " but is it represenative ? There are so many variables : condition , timing , after sales service and supply and demand of course : Impossible therefore to fix a price .

SO I think the wise path is for YOU to decide on the price , because if YOU can offer a fair price to me then I can offer a fair price to the seller : a console changes hands and everybody wins .

SO please Email me and we can work with your budget and expectations and see what we can make happen.

Questions to ask yourself:

What do you want the desk to do, what features and extras do you value?

What are your priorities - price, service, delivery?

How urgently do you need the console?

What is your budget?

What are the alternatives?

Buying a used Soundtracs console from Studio Systems gives you the peace of mind of a guaranteed after sales service from a team with specialist knowledge and skills and with the aid of our Tech Helpline you will benefit from 25 years of problem solving tips.


You want a "vintage" analogue console ? Buy it from someone who was there in the beginning :STUDIO SYSTEMS :28 years experience with the SOUNDTRACS product . Its so good its scary !!!


Other products from STUDIO SYSTEMS :



( please also see


As well as NEW power supplies available for all the SOUNDTRACS range ( except JADE : stillworking on it ! ) we can supply a new BLUE DOG POWER SUPPLY for other similar sized / genre consoles :

so any medium sized consoles from Soundcraft ,Amek, Glensound ,Allen and heath etc etc

desks like the GHOST ,6000 , 1600 etc , Sabre , TAC the list is endless , we have done nearly 100 supplies in the last 3 years and they are all going well

we are also on EBAY ( see "Soundtracs Power Supply ", the price is a little extra on there as EBAY and Paypal charge 20 % commision so you may as well buy thru STUDIOSYSTEMS and we also need details about the CONNECTOR on your old PSU


So for a guide price of 250 >375 GBP (prices are dependant on desk power supply requirements) you will be amazed at the low MIX buss noise, increased headroom and of course no hassle/peace of mind for years to come from these supplies.

300 quid + post : Its a no brainer !!





Please email Tim if your looking for a SOUNDTRACS ANALOGUE console


Email for latest prices/stock

We are currently finding it very tricky to source these wonderful desks but don't be disheartened, we are constantly in touch with our EUROPEAN customer database built up over the last 30 years and the desks do come back home to StudioSystems, "the home where the SOUNDTRACS roam", and I can often coax users to sell at the right price.

That's it , I will test everything of course and make sure its all working

Best Regards







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